What is the history of the brand?

The history of the brand is more than just interactive post content and history. The story goes beyond what is written in the website copy, brochure copy or investor and client presentations. Your story is not just what you tell people, but what they believe in you based on your brand signals. A story is a big picture of facts, feelings, and interpretations. In other words, some of the story was not told by you either.

Every element of your business or brand, from the colors and textures of packaging and business cards to the people you hire, is part of your brand story, and each element must reflect the truth about your brand for your purpose.

If you want to build a successful, enduring business and loyalty brand, and you’re in luck, you should start with your story.

Why do you need to tell a story?

If you don’t have history, you are just another product. There is no way to tell your brand or company apart. Creating a brand story is not only about awareness and attention. It’s about doing what people are interested in and want to buy. It is about listing your rarity and determining its value. It goes beyond the usability and functionality of our products and services and aims to build loyalty and meaningful relationships with our customers.

Brand Stories aren’t a catchy slogan that sticks to a billboard for a week or two to get attention. Your story is the foundation of your brand and your strategy for future development.

The story is about how Starbucks has surpassed its competitors in creating a whole new category of coffee. That’s why my client Kelly walks six kilometers past Dunkin Donuts and Seven-Eleven and pays three times as much each morning for a cup of coffee.

Starbucks not only started out by selling coffee at a high price, but its mission was to become a “Third Party”. Brands like Starbucks and Apple rely on more than just the benefits and features of their products. Your product is only part of the story. The relationship between a potential customer and your brand can begin before they actually buy your product.

How do you start telling your brand story?

Thanks to many years of experience with entrepreneurs and brands, I have developed the “Brand History Matrix”. It is a brand communication strategy consisting of 20 different elements that can tell the story of your brand from start to finish. This is the basis for distinguishing your brand and building emotional ties with your clients and customers. A good brand story strategy shows how to stand out from the crowd, increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty and increase profits.

The most successful brands in the world don’t act like products, and neither should you.

I work with brands at every stage of development, from the initiative of creating a complete culture to well-known brands that adjust positioning and marketing communication and introduce new products to the market. You have a unique story and I will show you how to tell it.

Former brand

Your story occurs the first time a customer hears your name, looks at your logo, visits your website, reads your info page, and experiences your social media interaction. It starts with getting in touch. The signals you send about what you do and how good you are, as well as what you express, create the bigger picture of your brand interactive post. Marketing often happens when customers tell their friends how your product changed their lives, if you aren’t listening.

It’s your job to tell a story to your customers.

In consultation with you, I will discover your brand’s mission and vision. I will work with you to identify the attitudes and beliefs that shape your brand culture. We appreciate your unique value propositions and emotional sales arguments, and shape the way you would like to be perceived by your customers and customers. Our job is to convey your essence, interactive post your brand identity and shape perceptions that reflect all of this.