All the details and accessories are key elements in the design of a kitchen, because they are responsible for giving it the desired final style. That is why the choice of furniture kitchen cupboard handles becomes one of the important tasks for your kitchen reform to be a success.

The handles are the first thing we look at when entering a kitchen and they are the ones that will make it a much more decorative and functional space. For this reason, it is essential to spend some time choosing the handles that best suit the aesthetics and furniture that make up your kitchen.

Choice of shooters

To choose the perfect kitchen cupboard handles, several factors must be taken into account that will help us in the choice:

The style of the kitchen: the handle will be in charge of giving the kitchen its personality and framing it in one style or another. We cannot use the same handle for a kitchen with modern furniture as for one that is classic in style, for example.

Design versus functionality: we will have to decide whether, in the overall design of our kitchen, we give a lot of weight to the accessories or, on the contrary, we give prominence to the kitchen furniture and opt for a more functional opening system. In this case, the choice of the type of handle and the material used will be fundamental.

Size of the furniture: the proportions of the furniture will be one of the biggest factors in knowing which handle is best suited to your kitchen. There are models of kitchen cupboard handles that are available in different sizes, precisely in order to achieve uniformity in the final design.

Combination of materials: another point to take into account when choosing the right handle is that it does not conflict with the material of the furniture. It is important to achieve harmony between the two in favor of the final design of the kitchen.

Even so, there are many references in the catalog of handles available at Decoranddecor Kitchens and the final choice can be complicated. In this case, a very helpful tool in these cases is the shooter viewer, which allows you to get an idea of ​​the final result.

Types of shooters

There are three main groups of shooters:

Handle handles: there are many styles (classic, industrial, vintage), different materials (stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum) and various finishes (gold, copper, anthracite, white, and black, stainless). The handle handles are, without a doubt, responsible for bringing sophistication and elegance to the room. They will be the ideal choice if you want to give a touch of distinction to the kitchen, through accessories. In this case, try combining the color of the kitchen cupboard handles with that of the taps, for example. The end result will be magazine.

Hidden shooters: also called rim or fingernail shooters. They are one of the current trends in the most minimalist kitchens, since, being invisible; they give all the prominence to the furniture and the distribution of the kitchen. They are integrated into the doors and are very functional and comfortable.

Knobs: it is one of the most classic options, but not for that reason old-fashioned. Knobs take on a new role with the renewal of materials that have not been used so far, such as cast iron or porcelain. They are the perfect choice for kitchens in a Nordic or classic style.

As we have seen, kitchen cupboard handles are an essential element for the proper functioning of the kitchen, for this reason; at Decoranddecor Kitchens we offer you a wide range of handles so that you can choose the one that best fit your kitchen.