You know what I mean by all this.

Stand down and think about this moment: Stay on the sofa late a night of watch! Or a similar channel and wondering how these groups with such immense worships seemed to have disappeared. (Have you seen the documentary about your dear dead is not?)Or maybe you are on the boat with those who still have to follow a particular group or another, but we’ll talk about you in a minute. CM. NewMP3 downloads have changed the reach of worship and how many people follow.

Think how expensive it is that groups to travel without a major label

And the entire weight of your musical business based on the invoice. To think about how to reflect this in everything: How expensive there are costly concert tickets for consumers? It’s kind of funny, because everything is done by new MP3 downloads. Especially funny on the concert scene, when you realize that you can get the majority of views on YouTube next to it. It has passed – it is the arrival of days in the first days of the show, to park your VW bus, a camp set up and configured. Arrived – these are the download days of new MP3 free and furious free each other option.

Let’s talk about the specifics.

For groups such as Phish, Graduate Death, Blues Traveler, and Others, the Internet does not participate in the participation requirement to be part of the scene. RSS blogs and feeds allow people to climb even on Bandwagon, without anyone on top to throw.  As a result, in general, less communal atmosphere in these artificial and virtual communities. New music fans are not so concerned about musical performances – they do not care really plays any instruments at all – and, in fact, a parody of the same right.

Free MP3 downloads and other new technologies have brought a lot.

Let’s take, for example, that nobody with a webcam and can be Kazoo Internet Rock Star – I think of this group  Who made this video that took the entire group’s participants sing a song on the treadmill, makes the routine cheerful (all extremely well made), lead choreography lead. Sister Singer! Even a member of the group – but it was like a captain of his upper school team or something. The next thing you know, were in the daily show and Colbert report. Now, awarded, actually it was a very beautiful song and a video made mostly from the rock – but were the visual effects that literally sold the group.

So the new MP3 download and the rest of the internet

Have completely changed the face of what it means to follow the group or be a music, but they still have those who go to concerts, buy t-shirts, stay in harm and concert halls, and on the hills on the spot and all the rest – are not too common. In fact, more and more than those who are people who are the people who are the people who are the people who are the people who are the people who are those who have kept the quick descendants in this group not those who are old enough To participate anyway at all the traveler on the stage. Why?