Why is it important to wash your face?

Washing your face twice a day (even if you prefer to use just micellar water in the morning) is essential to keep your skin healthy and even to ensure that your skincare routine is more effective. After all, clean skin allows for greater penetration of cosmetic actives, making the treatment have more satisfactory results.


The daily cleaning of the skin is essential to remove all the dirt accumulated during the day and avoid problems such as acne, blackheads, excess oil and clogged pores


But can we make mistakes when washing our face – something that seems so simple? Believe me, we can! Here, you can check seven, to correct and fine-tune your cleaning step!


1. Wash your face with water only

There are those who think that it is enough to splash water on their face when waking up to have completed the first stage of their skincare routine. But water alone does not have the ability to remove oil, pollution, sebum and dirt that accumulate on the skin. If you don’t wash your face in addition to water, your skin won’t be ready to receive cosmetic actives. And then what happens? You end up pushing the accumulated dirt into your pores, and the result will be blackheads and pimples in profusion.


2. Wash your face many times a day

You know that saying that everything that is in excess is not good? It also applies to cleaning the face. Those with oily skin may find that washing their face several times a day will leave it feeling drier. But what happens is exactly the opposite. When we take so much oil out of our skin, it compensates by producing even more oil. This is the so feared rebound effect of oiliness. And the rebound effect is not exclusive to oily skin: it can happen to all skin types.


3. Use body soap

Do you get in the shower and while you soap your body, do you rub it on your face too? So it’s time to rethink this habit. By not opting for specific formulas for your face, and using a body soap on your face, you may end up causing irritation to the skin on your face. Most body soaps are very aggressive – almost all have sulfates and a pH that is very different from that of our skin – and this ends up being very irritating for the skin of the face, which is much more delicate, since they can attack your skin barrier directly


4. Hot water

Hot water can be delicious but (sighs) it is definitely not a friend to our skin. With the high temperature we remove all natural oiliness from the skin, the result is affected skin barrier and dehydrated skin, rebound effect and pore dilation. Okay, we have plenty of reasons to take a bath in the most lukewarm bath.

5. Wash your face only in the morning / or only at night

From time to time, specialized forums, beauty sites and social networks began to spread the care techniques of those who wash their face once a day. Talking to dermatologists, we learned that washing your face twice a day is not the bugbear they say: washing your face in the morning has one function, at night another. It’s that simple.

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