These granny games start out pure enough. It’s just another visit from your dear old grandmother. You thought you were going to bake cakes, or help her do yard work or something. In these best online games, however, things change quickly. “Hello?” As you walk past the threshold to your grandmother’s house, something looks different. It is dark, and he does not greet you warmly at the door as he often does. He walks slowly, hoping to see Granny take out the oven cakes, but she only finds Grandpa. Grandpa looks very angry, and you can’t make sense of what he is saying. When you try to talk, he just stares at you and whispers, “Shhhh. He hears everything. ”


Whatever You Do, Survive

It does not take you long to realize that something is wrong. Granny is wrong, and she will try to kill you! These scary granny games are very realistic, even though the base is on the way out of the left field. Your real granny  will never do that, but the world of the game, the story, and especially the sound effects are amazing and believable, scary anyway! Suddenly, your granny  weekly visit has become a wonderful dream of life. It looks like you’ve been leaving the site since you last saw it here, and your login is blocked in an inexplicable way right now. You have to breathe deeply, look around, find a way to get rid of all this. There are many ways to survive, so we’ll start with the obvious – get out of there!



When fear grips your entire spine, your natural instincts often escape in any way. With the shocking nature of granny games, this would not be so important. The first step is to explore your site as much as possible. Sure, the open exit is off, but you can get a private exit, or make your own exit. As we have said, however, you will want to be very careful not to arouse any suspicion while roaming. Do not make too much noise, and be sure to look around the corner before moving on to a new location. If you know – who’s hearing it, maybe one of those granny racing games! You will not know what you will find in this section, just as you will not know what you will find trying to escape the home of that disturbed woman.


Find and Draw Items

When you talk about things you can find, pay attention to the things around you as you explore and try to find a way out. Anything can help if you are smart enough, from twine and key to a deadly arrow. In some amazing granny games, you need to use a creative system if you want to survive. Are you occupied? Look at everything you have in your glossary and see if you can combine items into a key, a weapon, or anything else useful. Either way, do not spend too much time staring at your prey, because you do not know when the old lady may be sneaking up on you!


When Everything Else Fails …

We hate to be the ones telling you this, but in some awesome granny games, you may be pushed around and forced to make a very difficult decision. Obviously, there is something wrong with a pretty old woman, but if you can get away from it, you should protect your health, right? What we mean by saying… you may have to fight with your poor grandmother to survive. Obviously it is not the best option, but it is better to at least make sure you have some kind of weapon in you in case that situation arises. If you can get around him and walk out the door while he is looking for you, that’s fine! If that lady with amazingly sharp ears hunts you and does not give you a choice, however, be beautiful and make it quick.


Granny Games are Addictive!


We know that these granny online games are free or may sound like outsiders, but once you start playing them, you will be caught in adrenaline! The most powerful part of the sounds. You will notice every step you take, all the screaming and collapse of the old house, and all the storms outside. In just a few minutes, you will begin to guess. “Was that granny, or just my footsteps?” Though the scenes are surprisingly dark and impressive, this is certainly what you feel terrifying in the depths of your heart. That’s also what will keep you alive, and what will keep you playing for hours on end.


It gets Even Crazier

You’ve found your way home, haven’t you? If you want more funny stories and zany, funny gameplay, no need to worry. We have a full crazy section waiting for you to watch (confused) all around. You may not always find it happening, but every experience will be fun and different. There is no other way to differentiate these selected games, because each one is just, well, crazy in its own way! However, do not panic. If you can survive in granny’s games without losing your mind, you can survive anything.