The disadvantages of mini-sized adult dolls are:

  1. Limited use.

The size of a small sex doll is limited to hugging, dancing and flirting for dinner and tea.

  1. Dressing up a small size Dutch wife can be difficult.

Unlike full-size Dutch wives, you may experience some setbacks when buying clothes and other accessories.

  1. Limited to one opening.

The only opening in most small sex dolls is the vagina. If you want to have anal sex, you should consider buying a real female or a full size doll.

  1. The vagina may be relatively short.

Your mini love doll can deprive you of your satisfaction and joy if your vagina is too small to hold you in different positions.

  1. There is no realism.

Dutch wife can replace the needs of women. Unfortunately, sometimes you may need to feel warmth between the legs of a real female.

If you want to warm your baby for a better sexual experience, you can use a heat stick on your sex doll.

Factors to consider before buying a mini sex doll

It can be a life-sized love doll or a mini love doll. They are not cheap!

Therefore, you need to consider these factors in your first or subsequent purchases before spending your hard earned money Fildena 120 tablets online.

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  1. Mini sex doll price

When shopping, consider how much you can afford to spend on a mini sex doll and how much you want to spend.

In addition to your baby, you will have to pay for shipping, taxes, care, accessories and other costs.

  1. Size.

Mini dolls come in a variety of sizes and shapes. 100cm mini sex dolls are also on the market.

Consider a size that allows you to comfortably and easily hide in a room, office, or man’s cave.

  1. Weight

To enjoy sex, get dolls that can be easily moved from one place to another while exploring different sexual positions and styles.

  1. Building materials.

You can choose a doll made using silicon, TPE, or a combination of both. Silicone mini sex dolls have higher irritation and durability, TPE mini sex dolls can be squeezed, soft and flexible.

  1. Physical properties.

Consider factors such as race, hair, eyes, chest, hips, boots, hips, Vidalista black 80mg tablets and facial features to get an adult mini doll like a dream woman.

  1. Customizable.

Mini sex doll maker considers characteristics such as head, hair, eyes, vagina, skin color, nails, chest size, chest color, vagina color, shy hair, tongue, storability, etc. You can make it.

How to use a mini love doll?

This section will give you tips on how to use your baby properly.

  1. Unpacking.

Open the package and inspect it before first use to identify current content and signs of damage.

  1. Preparation

Set a romantic mood to be more realistic. Make sure it is well lubricated so it does not harm your baby.

  1. Position and play

You can find different items such as spoons, missionaries, dogs and more in different parts of the house.

The decorations and ribbons barely break the soft skin of the mini love doll.

Care and care tips for mini sex dolls

Basic steps for cleaning your baby:

Remove excess lubricant and body fluids with a towel.

Remove the wig and vaginal attachment and clean them separately.

Use soap and warm water to keep your baby fresh and clean. Focus on the face, vagina and lips.

Do not get your head or neck too wet and cover the metal parts.

Do not use hard sponges, wire brushes, abrasive soaps or other common cleaners.

Place the doll on a towel, open your legs and bring the fan close to it to dry.

Do not dry the mini doll near the heater or over an open flame.