Terms & Condition

We have a well-defined terms and conditions policy where all the details are stated. we encourage all our customers to check out and read the terms and conditions page once to avoid any confusion and disputes later on. This is also helpful in knowing our services in greater depth. 

Sharing your information

You will have to share some information with us although we always try and limit your information sharing to only that much which is necessary for keeping future reference and contact with you in the future.

Only some of the basic information is asked for input by the user such as name, email, phone number, and complying with our age rules.

Payment terms and conditions

You will have to make a payment online. We do have several means for it though. You can find out our payment-related terms and conditions page on our website.

You can pay us using debit cards, credit cards, some mobile wallets, or even using your net banking facility. No cash method of payment is accepted and neither do we take payments using cheque or draft.

On successfully receiving payment at our end we will share the online payment receipt via email. We do not bear any responsibility for failed payments.

Rules for refund and cancellation

We provide our customers the option to cancel their orders anytime. You can cancel your order using your account or by simply calling us on our customer helpline number.

Completing all the formalities we will send you a cancelation receipt that your cancelation order has been accepted at our end and that we are working on it. You will have to give a reason for canceling your order.

Cancelation can even be done when you have received your product at your address but provided the request is generated within 7 days from the date of receipt. 

Accepting our cookie policy

Accepting our cookie policy on our website is at the sole discretion of the patients. You may or may not accept our cookie policy agreements.

When you accept our cookie policy you give us the right to save and store your information online on our back-end data servers. While filing an order form you will see all your essential customer data t be prefilled.

Confirming to age guidelines

You have to conform to our age guidelines as soon as you visit our website. You need to accept whether you are above 18 years of age or not.

We always encourage people above 18 years of age to visit our website. This way you will be able to better understand the risks of sharing your private and confidential information with us.

Shipping time

To ship your package of medicines we do not take much time. All our domestic orders are completed within a matter of a week while for international orders it takes around 10 days.

 This is just an estimated time although the actual delivery time may vary. Also, note that during the occurrence of any abnormal situations such as a natural calamity or a global pandemic or lockdown you may receive your medicines later.