Privacy Policy

We have a well-defined privacy policy on our portal. We encourage all our customers shopping for medicines on our portal to have a go through the privacy policy on our portal to understand and comply with some of the conditions stated within.

Sharing information

You have to be willing to share some information with us. We do not unnecessarily look to collect information from you. Rather we focus on only collecting the information that only that is needed by us for recording a transaction for future reference.

With us, you just have to share some basic information such as your name, complying with age, email, and phone number.

Cookie policy

Accepting the cookie policy on our website is at the sole discretion of the customers shopping on our website. We do not ask you to mandatorily accept our cookie policy but rather this option is given to the customers as per their choices.

You may or may not accept our cookie policy. By way of cookies, we look to store your information on the back-end servers to eliminate time wastage filling up on the same personal details again and again.

Accepting a cookie policy may be helpful for those who are shopping regularly on our website.

Registration on our portal

We do not comply with any mandatory registration process on our portal. With us, you do not have to complete any mandatory process for registering on our portal.

You can register on our website if you want to or else skip it. when you do not register you can continue as a guest user. When you complete the registration process we give you access to an account in which you can track your previous orders, package tracking facility, canceling orders, or changing your address, phone number, or email id all through one place.

Complying with age norms

When you are shopping on our portal you will have to comply with our age norms. We do not allow people below the age of 18 years to shop or gain access to our portal.

This is because we feel that being less than 18 years of age you are still not an adult and we will not be able to sue you in a court of law for any wrongdoings.

Even if you continue to our website by checking on the tick box you run at your own risk. On our portal as soon as you visit our website you will have to comply with the age norms. We only encourage people over 18 years of age to visit our website and shop for medicines as this way you can understand the risks of sharing your information with us and transacting online.

Sharing product reviews

We encourage customers to write product reviews. You do not have to share your name, age phone number, or email id and neither do we display it on our web pages.

Your anonymity lies entirely with you. Buy sharing product reviews gives our website authentic feelings about how you feel shopping on our portal while also helping other people like you to form opinions about our website and medicines.