We have a clear and well-defined disclaimer policy on our website which we encourage all our customers to have a general go-through to prevent any misconceptions and avoid disputes later.

Age guidelines

You have to conform to our age guidelines that state that you should be mandatorily over 18 years to be able to shop on our portal. Even if you continue shopping or making an order being less than 18 years then you run the risk on your own and we will not be responsible for any loss or information shared on our portal.

We feel that being above 18 years of age you can understand the risks and compliance of sharing your information online with us including making payments. 

Sharing information

We never indulge with customers to share more information than what is required. But the information marked as an asterisk on our website needs to be shared with us. Remember that this is only for record-keeping and avoid disputes later and ensuring future reference.

You will have to share your email, name, age confirmation, and phone number. All information shared will be through email and phone by way of sending SMS.

Necessary and standard call charges are applicable when calling on our customer helpline number.

Sharing confidential information and how we store it

You have to pay us online using a host of means such as using credit cards, debit cards, online net banking, and mobile wallets.

You need to share your confidential payment information with us or else the payment transaction will not be completed at our end.

But you can be guaranteed that all payment transactions and recording of your payment information will take place over a secured peer-to-peer network secured with the SSL protocol.

All your information shared with us is stored in highly foolproof and advanced firewall secured data servers. 

Acceptance of our cookie policy

It is the sole discretion of our customers whether they want to accept our cookie policy. Complying with our cookie policy you do not have to share the same information time and time again. You will see prefilled forms and this information is stored in our backend data servers. You are also given the option to not comply with our cookie policy and you can cancel it anytime.

But accepting our cookie policy is safe and can be beneficial if you are a frequent buyer of our website.

Customs charges

You will have to pay customs duty and charges if they apply to your medicine package. Such charges may not be visible during the time of making the payment for buying medicines on our portal.

Customs duty charges may vary from one country to another based on the legal jurisdictions and international import policies.

It is the sole responsibility of the customers to accept and pay the customs charges if your package has been withheld at the customs department.

We will not be providing you any help other than providing you information on this. You will have to contact the customs department and visit them if necessary for releasing your package of medicines and pay the required charges.