Who doesn’t like thick, healthy and shiny hair?

Having healthy and strong hair is a dream of everyone. Not only, it perfectly sits on the top of your head like a crown but it can make you look fresh and healthy.

But, considering the current fast-paced lifestyle, we are not taking care of our hair health. Poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, stress, and improper hair care products contribute to lifeless hair. If neglected, your hair loss would increase and in severe cases, you would see bald patches on your head (especially in the case of men). In this, you can opt for the hair transplant procedure.

Due to medical advancement, hair transplant has become very easy and safe. You can now easily get hair transplants all over the world. But, you must also be mindful of after hair transplant care.

When you come home right after getting the hair transplant, you need to take care of your most precious gift i.e. your newly hair grafts’ implants. They still need nurturing as they are fragile. So, whenever, you undergo hair transplant surgery, your doctor would provide you with the right customized aftercare that you must follow.

According to the surgeons of hair transplant in Lahore here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you need to make sure of after your hair transplant.

Do’s After a Hair Transplant Surgery

Here are the necessary Do’s you need to do after getting hair transplant surgery:
● DO have anyone who can drive you back home after your treatment. Normally, you are not given a strong sedative for the hair transplant. However, if you have been given a sedative then your doctor will not allow you to drive. You can ask your friend or any family member to help you in this regard.
● DO sleep having your head elevated for the first 7 days continuously. You can increase the duration depending on your swelling. Some patients may not experience swelling while some suffer from it for a few days. A recliner is beneficial in this case. You can enjoy watching your favourite show while doing this. So, keep yourself motivated to do this by this thought.
● DO ask your doctor about the medication you need to take after the surgery and how safe it is.
● 3-to 4 days post-surgery, you might experience swelling, so DO apply ice right above your eyebrows for relief.
● DO be extremely gentle during the first 5 days if you wash your hair. Avoid water steam on your scalp during those days and Don’t scrub too much as well.
● To relieve the itching of the scalp, DO apply the conditioners gently on your scalp.
● Before and after the surgery, the thing you need to DO is to hydrate yourself. Hydrating yourself properly would speed up the healing process.
● DO expect that you’ll have a slight hair fall 2-4 weeks after the surgery from the area of hair transplant. This is perfectly normal and is a part of your cycle of hair growth. You don’t have to worry that you have damaged hair follicles. In fact, your hair will grow after 3-4 months.

DONT’s After Hair Transplant Surgery

Here is the list of the DONT’s that you need to keep in mind after the hair transplant
● DON’T sleep in a flat position on your side or tummy. Avoid rubbing your hair on your pillow as it will damage your new hair graft implants.
● After 2-3 days post-surgery, DON’T be alarmed if you notice any swelling.
● Avoid touching the area of hair transplant. DON’T apply ice on it either.
● You DON’T need to try to prevent the formation of scabs. It is a natural process when the scalp of your head is podded and poked. It is a natural art of healing.
● After the first 48 hours of hair transplant surgery, DON’T wash your hair.
● For a few days. Itchiness is a normal part of the process so DON’T scratch your scalp.
● For the first 3-4 days, DON’T wear a cap. The hair transplant needs to solidify during that time. Avoid anything that continuously touches your head.
● For the first 2 weeks DON’T expose your scalp to the sun.
● DON’T try to engage in heavy or strenuous exercise right after your hair transplant. Avoid any form of exertion to keep your heart rate and blood pressure normal.
● DON’T engage in any activity that makes you extremely sweat.
● DON’T Smoke or drink alcohol for about a month after the surgery. Smoking affects the blood flow and healing of your scalp, so you must avoid it.

Hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that is safe and can improve your life in general. In case of any concerns, you can always reach out to the hair doctor near you to get a customized treatment plan.