For as long as people have been concerned about their pet’s health, there has been a debate about which food is best for the dogs. While supplements like fish oil soft chews are necessary for their diet, so is the decision to give them fresh, raw, or kibble food. Considering the wide range of options available for the pet owner, this simple question can become a complicated decision. 

The first tip for dealing with this challenging decision is to consult with your vet; else, here are some of the points you can consider when choosing a diet for your dog.

Health: It is important to give them a balanced nutritional diet to maintain their health.

Activity Level: The working and service dogs have different levels of physical activities, and their requirement of nutrition differs from household pets. 

Age and Size: The nutritional requirements differ between old dogs and young pups; similarly, between large and small feed dogs as well.

Food Allergies: Some dogs can be allergic to different proteins or ingredients like soy, milk, corn, or wheat.

Now that you know the important factors to consider, here’s a small comparison of all the food choices with their benefits to help you decide which one you want for your pet. 

Without any more delay, let’s begin.

Fresh Food with Fish Oil Soft Chews

These days, the ad for fresh food is all over the TV and social media. Many pet food companies are offering fresh meal plans, subscription plans usually portioned and individually packed. Note that a fresh meal doesn’t necessarily have to be raw. 

How to pick fresh food?

No matter the type of dog food you are considering, some authorities will regulate it, like The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). They will ensure the nutritional adequacy printed on the food packages is correct, so you get the best for your pet. 

Also, fresh food will need to be stored properly, so they don’t go stale, so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 

Raw Diet for Pets

The term ‘raw’ may seem to be just a slab of meat in the dog’s bowl; however, it isn’t that simple. In fact, if you give your dog the meat directly from the butchers, it would create a deficiency in them. A raw piece of meat should include both muscles and organ meat, and they will get additional benefits from the vitamins and minerals from the bones. 

Any raw food available for dogs lacks in the heating process. However, it would be difficult for the pet owners to balance the minerals and vitamins without any additional supplement like fish oil soft chews for dogs with a raw diet. Try to get these supplements from reputable sources like IVS Pet for the best result. 

What to look for when picking a raw diet for dogs?

It isn’t easy to make a raw diet for your pet. You have to decide how much food storages you require, how you plan the portions, and more importantly, what you are willing to spend. However, as time passes by, it will become easy. This sort of diet is recommended due to its various health benefits, including giving them more energy and improving their coat and skin condition. 

Kibble Dog Food 

The last option, kibble food, is dry dog food in the pellet form. This food type is famous for its convenience and wide availability. There are various forms available in the market with different kibble dog food ingredients.

What to look for in kibble food?

More so than any other food, the quality of the kibble varies drastically. You should consider the nutritional value printed on the package and compare it with the AAFCO’s statement of nutrition adequacy. Furthermore, all the kibble food can look the same, but the ingredient label with help you identify how different it is from other brands. 

Lastly, check the nutritional guidelines to see what the product carries for your pet. 

Now that you know the difference between the type of food available for your pet, it is time to decide which one to choose for them with fish oil soft chews. However, if you still can’t make up your mind, move on to our next section of common pet owner queries.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is raw food or fresh food better for dogs?

Fresh food usually includes vegetables, fruits, and slightly cooked meat, which according to vets, is a healthier diet for pets as they reduce the risk of getting malnourished. Also, there is no risk of exposure to food pathogens as in the case of raw food.

  • Is raw food cheaper than kibble?

Since there is no cooking or heat process involved, many pet owners think the raw diet will be less expensive. But, the reality is that it is even more expensive than the most high-quality kibble. So, if you are on a budget, you might want to reconsider your choice.

  • How much raw food should I feed my dog?

Based on the vet’s recommendation, raw food should be given around 2-3% of the total dog’s body weight of the pet, and that should also be split into two meals.