Sticking a pillow between or below your knees can help relieve some of the pressure created by the swelling on your back or side.  These are also helpful if you have preeclampsia, sciatica, or back or hip pain.

Since buying a pillow can be a drag, we’ve compiled this useful list of knee pillows to help you find a BFF at your next bedtime.  You can never have too many pillows,

A knee support pillow is a rectangular pillow with two circular markings that are used to support the legs when lying on one’s side.  Memory foam is commonly used in these devices to shape your body and keep your knees apart to increase blood flow.  Some best knee pillow for back pain come with a simple built-in strap to keep them in place during use.  Knee pillows with straps are ideal for people who walk around while sleeping.  This is the best pillow for pregnancy.


How did we choose the best knee pillow?

As we compile these lists, we try to put together a vast network.  That means weighing in on all the options available.  We also considered:


 Since foam provides ultimate pressure relief, we turned to knee pillows made of squash, body contouring foam.

  Ease of cleaning. 

 Foam is difficult (or impossible) to wash, so we’ve made sure to choose pillows that you can unzip and wash with removable covers.


 We’ve only included products that include consumer reviews.  No dads here!

  Tested products.

 We put all of our products through a complete testing process that checks to see if brands are making unsupported health claims (like OMG this pillow will stop arthritis in its tracks!) Or questionable business practices.  I am involved.  Only brands that have passed our testing process make this list.