I assume you are looking for the term “pedicurist” and “podiatrist wellington,” not to find out how they fight in the ring, but to find the difference, if any, between the two professions.

In the past, when you looked up the word “podiatrist wellington” in the English dictionary, you would find “a.m. (in American) chiropodist,” but, in fact, today there is no difference between the two professions.

In Great Britain, the term “chiropodist” has long been used to describe a physician who deals with all kinds of foot health problems, and only relatively recently, since 1993, has the term “podiatrist wellington” been adopted as an internationally recognized term for a physician with medical qualifications in foot health.

Twenty years ago, one might have argued that a podiatrist wellington dealt with external foot (and hand) health issues such as corns, calluses, and thickened nails, while a podiatrist wellington specialized in internal lower extremity functions such as biomechanical assessment, Buy Cenforce 150mg online gait analysis and orthotic prescription.

However, all professional training courses for chiropractors and podiatrist wellington in the UK now combine these two designations, which means exactly the same training. The main reason both designations are still in use is because of public perception.

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Let’s take a brief look at the qualifications and the professionals who achieve them.


This means that the chiropractor has completed a full course of podiatry training at a recognized institution.

MChS or FChS

This means that the chiropractor is a member or member of the Society of Chiropractors and Podiatrist wellingtons.


A state-registered chiropodist. This title is no longer recognized. It was discontinued in July 2003 and should no longer be used by qualified chiropractors.

A qualified chiropractor can choose between the two names depending on their preference. Personally, I still use both terms to describe my work, Fildena Double 200 side effects but when promoting mobile services to the public, I emphasize “mobile chiropractor” because that term is still the most understood in the UK.

In fact, the best answer to this question is that podiatrist wellington is the modern term for chiropractor. However, the Society of Chiropractors and Podiatrist wellingtons recently announced its intention to vote against using the term “chiropractor” in the society’s name, so we will have to wait and see if the term podiatrist wellington really will ultimately win the battle between chiropractor and podiatrist wellington.