Pretty recently, there has been a pretty interesting technology that comes as a non-surgical treatment that people may well go for in order to cure their hair loss problems. This technology is usually called Low Intensity Laser Therapy. Well, as a matter of fact, this technology has existed for the last fifty years and during these years, it has been pretty helpful in aiding people with their problems such as chronic pain among the other problems.

Yet, back then in the 1960s, this technology seemed to have the ability to increase the ability for hairs to grow. This was found out when Andre Mester, who was a Hungarian researcher, was trying to find out if such low level laser technology had caused cancer if it was used to mice. Vidalista 40mg online But then, he eventually realized that the targeted spots showed hair growth instead. But this fact was not so helpful until the past few years.

However, there is not really a clear description how Low Intensity Laser Therapy has a chance of increasing people’s hair growth rate. One possible theory, though, is that such a therapy is able to increase the amount of blood flowing to the particular treated area.

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Some people also suppose that this particular laser therapy transfers the energy from light right to the cells of the hair and it is this which will increase the hair growth rate. Unfortunately, this therapy does not seem to work in all areas that are entirely bald and thus it will need continuous treatment to maintain the effect.

There are 2 variants of such low level laser products. The first type of the laser products is the one that is designed in such a way that it is suitable for use at homes. With that being said, people will usually be able to carry out the treatment all by themselves right from the comfort of their very own homes. But, there is a drawback in that it does not possess enough intensity or perhaps even enough coverage compared to that offered by the second type of the laser products. Fildena purple pill The second type, on the other hand, is a laser product which has been manufactured to suit the purpose of office uses. Needless to say, this second type has a lot more energy and coverage. However, repetitive treatments to the office will be compulsory for the patients. Yet, just so people know, neither one of the products has been claimed to perform better than another.

It is said that the Low Intensity Laser Therapy is pretty good for patients who suffer from androgenic alopecia, regardless whether the patients are men or women. However, this technology is just not effective enough for the purpose of treating the already entirely bald area but thinning area instead. Yet, the home treatment and the office treatment may have some relatively distinctive procedures to carry out. However, both of them is designed for one purpose equally and that is to help people with their hair loss problems.