Back pain is a very common problem, specifically in older people. It mostly starts to become severe after you reach the age of 30 or 40. Nowadays, younger people also face back problems because of the lack of physical activity. They sit on their laptops and iPads all-day without posture and frequent movement. If we are being totally honest, then back pain is the worst kind of pain which you can have in your body. Though it is commonly interpreted that back pain can be a result of the lack of physical activity, at the same time, it can also be the result of extreme physical activity. It can result from sudden movements during sports activities or home improvement projects. It is when the physiotherapy in Edmonton comes in and saves your back from further injuries.

Physiotherapy Edmonton for your back pain recommends stretches:

Stretches are the most common way of reducing back pain or pain in general anywhere in your body. Stretching your body in the morning and the evening is the first thing the therapists recommend whenever you go to them with the problem of having body pain. Cenforce 120mg online price It is the proven way of releasing the lower back and preventing it from returning.

Some of the common exercises which the therapists recommend are trunk rotation, pelvic, tilt, and supported bridge for the lower back pain, which are proven to work. Other than that, you can do whatever stretches you want as there are no restrictions on it.

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Physiotherapy Clinics Edmonton also do active physical therapy for back pain:

As the name suggests, active physical therapy is done with the active contribution of the patients. Meaning that the therapists tell the exercises and the stretches which the patients would have to do, and they actively participate in learning and performing those activities. Sometimes patients can get confused between active and passive physical therapy. The easiest way to explain this is that you have to perform the exercise and stretches by yourself. As the name suggests, it is active; therefore, it does not involve a third person. We will give you an easy example of active physical therapy, which is exercising. You do it all by yourself, and there is no 2nd person involved in it. Whereas, in passive physical therapy, you require a 2nd person, most probably a therapist, for conducting stretches.

Physiotherapy Edmonton is considered to be a non-surgical option:

Physiotherapy is a non-surgical solution for lower back pain because, in it, you necessarily don’t have to get surgical treatment. With the help of a few stretches and exercises, you are good to go. Though the results may not be immediate, they are effective. However, if you are still not able to get rid of the pain in your lower back and upper back, then you only have surgical options left.

Decompression is a common surgical option that is used to alleviate the lower back pain caused by pinching of the nerves. A small portion of the bone over the nerve root is removed to give the nerve more space. Other than that, Fildena 120 tablets online you could also get lumbar spinal fusion surgery and lumbar artificial disc surgery for your lower back pain.

We are now moving on to some of the most commonly asked questions related to physiotherapy for lower back pain.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q1: Can a physiotherapist help with back pain?

Physiotherapists are experienced in treating back pain with manual therapies such as exercising and stretching. Whenever people face pain in their back, the first thing which comes to their mind is that they should go to a therapist. However, their approaches to treatment are a bit difficult. They highly focus on restoring movement and function to the whole body after you have been affected by the injury or illness.

Q2: Does massage therapy work for lower back pain?

Massage therapy is believed to work for lower back pain but there is very little evidence related to it. You can use it for the treatment of your lower back pain but this process alone will not work. You have to have an exercise program alongside it too. The sessions you need for your massage therapy to work actually depend upon your therapist and the severity of the back pain.

Q3: What is active exercise?

Active exercise is something that is commonly used in rehabilitation centers, gyms, and fitness centers. It is an exercise in which the person must exert force in order to complete a move. This type of exercise and their effort is solely dependent on that person. There is no 2nd person involved.