To someone who does not belong from a medical background or does not have too much knowledge on human physiology might not see any relation between type-2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

The two disorders belong to two different categories one is related to a high blood sugar problem and the other is a sexual disorder.

But when you look closely or ask someone experienced then you will find out the complex link between the two sets of disorders.

In this article, we will be explaining to you just that. So make sure to stick right till the end.

Is the occurrence of type-2 diabetes triggered ED common?

Diabetes is one of the most common problems facing men over 40 says, experts. It is certainly one of the problems that have a lot of other associated disorders too.

If you are suffering from diabetes you don’t need to suffer from ED too. But the chances of suffering from ED rise significantly in men suffering from type-2 diabetes.

A research study conducted in males over 10 years ultimately concluded that a majority of the men had suffered from ED symptoms within 10 years due to suffering from type-2 diabetes.

Type-2 diabetes is the more common form of diabetes and affects over 90% of those suffering from diabetes while the chances of type-1 diabetes are extremely rare and are found in only 10% of men suffering from diabetes.

How does type-2 diabetes trigger ED?

Now, that you have seen the probabilities of type-2 diabetes triggering ED it is time to have a look at how it triggers ED Cenforce 150mg price.

For this, a little prior information about diabetes and how erections are caused might just help you to figure out how exactly the two are related to each other.

What happens to your blood during diabetes?

Diabetes as you all know is the result of high blood sugar levels. Now, high amounts of sugar in your bloodstream can cause damage to the nerves. The excess sugar will also form coatings on the inner surfaces or walls of the arteries and veins leading to plaque formation.

This can result in damage to nerve tissue and also effectively reduce the area inside the blood vessel for blood flow.

This is the trouble with diabetes.

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Time to have a look at the erection causing procedure

Erections occur when your mind starts to generate feelings of lust and the desire to have sex. This immediately triggers you, the heart, to pump more blood to the penis tissues of the corpus cavernosa.

With higher blood flow more sensitivity of the penis occurs and herein a bit of stimulation is going to help you get a stronger erection.

Establishing the relationship between type-2 diabetes and ED

Now, that you know some general information about the two it will be easier to understand how the link between these two completely unrelated sexual disorders is established.

The main problem revolves around less or ineffective blood flow to the penis tissues. This can be the result of your nerve damage or the plaque formation around the walls of the arteries that affects normal blood flow.

Curing erectile dysfunction

There are numerous ways of curing ED. You can try out the use of medicines such as Cenforce, Vidalista, Fildena, etc.

You can also choose to go for surgeries that insert a penile implant pump into the penis tissues and testicles.

There are also some cheaper and natural remedies to ED cure such as choosing to go with a purely meditational type of cure through exercises and yoga, taking herbal supplements, taking the right ED diet, going for acupuncture therapy, choosing for cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

It is always better to visit a doctor and make a few considerations and discussions with them to choose the ideal form of cure based on your health factors and of course your budget.

Curing type-2 diabetes

One thing to remember here is that until and unless you are curing the underlying problem behind ED you might not find a permanently significant form of ED cure.

For this, you have to visit the doctor and take their recommendations in choosing the right style of ED cure.

This includes the most common use of medicines but there are some simple natural ways too.

Of course, all the natural remedies relate to the right proportions of dietary items that you need to include in your daily meal and doing yoga and exercises.

Some food items helping reduce blood sugar levels include apple cider vinegar, barley, aloe Vera, cinnamon, fenugreek, etc. You can also include some fiber-rich food items in your diet for reducing blood sugar levels.

Choosing to go with low carbs and low sugar content is the best option for you. Also, ensure to note the glycemic index of each of the food items before choosing a food item in your diet.