Talking about Erectile Dysfunction or ED is not common in our society which makes it even harder to get treated. There are some people who do not even know that they are suffering from ED. Hence, such people often get untreated and the disorder grows to become more dangerous. This due to lack of sexual education in our society and also much of the blame falls on our habits. Whenever we feel the erection of penis is unsatisfactory most of us simply start eating, Fildena Online at Cheap Price, Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 20.

No doubt, these pills work and help in gaining the desired erection but what happens is that sometimes people mismatch and eat any counter ED drug. These drugs need to be taken under strict observance of the doctor. For that one needs to first understand the root causes that lead to ED.

Defining ED

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a medical situation or condition where the penis does not reacts well to the situation. Normally when a man is subjected to sexual stimulations few changes happen in the body which leads to the erection of penis. At first the nervous system is signaled to release more blood in the penis. This movement of blood into the blood vessels of penis is what drives penis to become erect.

But before this to happen, an enzyme called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) is released in the body. This enzyme acts on the erectile tissues and muscles to make them smooth and elastic enough to accommodate for the blood flow awaiting to enter the penis. Therefore, when blood enters the penis the size of the penis gets enlarged more than twice. This is all normal, problem starts when due to some of our reasons and others, which we shall discuss later in the article blood is not allowed to enter the penis.

And when no blood enters the penis, the blood vessels remain hanging loose inside the penis which results in no erection as well. So, one can say that there is direct relation between blood flowing in the penis and erection. Hence, it is clear that the main reason behind is the fault in the blood flow to organs, especially penis. So, the reasons causing ED also do the same thing, they create a situation or become an obstacle in the path of blood reaching the penis.

Which reasons are responsible for ED?


Smokers must be thinking that why every time smoking is held responsible for a disorder. Be it mental disorders, causing cancer, Erectile Dysfunction or asthma, the reason is same, smoking. But what is the reason between smoking and sexual health? When you inhale cigarette smoke hordes of pollutants such as carbon monoxide (CO), Sulphur dioxide and lead make their way in our body. The oxygenated blood that is distributed among the organs is contaminated as the oxygen content is now lowered.

This results in the organs to work with less efficiency including penis. Therefore, if someone is stimulated in such situations it is more possible that blood flow will remain nil. And it is not hidden that smokers are consumers of ED treating drugs.

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Consumption of alcohol

The alcohol levels in our body also affect the erection of the penis. Alcohol is by the way helpful when the levels are less. It relieves the person from stress, lowers the blood pressure and decreases the activity of the nervous system. This helps in getting a better sleep.

Alcohol becomes dangerous when you drink it in exceeding quantities. Too much of alcohol breaks the coordination between central nervous system and organs. This results in important secretions and process to come at halt. It also blocks the blood to flow in necessary quantities to organs such as penis. And we know what happens when penis has deficiency of blood.

High stress levels

This is a general observation that, if a person is always tensed and restless his performance is affected on bed. This is because his mind is always occupied in other things. For generation of sexual drive, the mind needs to be relaxed and calm. For the same reason depression patients have a poor track record of sexual performance. In sexual disorders majority of the problem is mental. The day when you don’t feel for sex, no matter how much you get seduced a satisfying intercourse will need external support like ED pills.


The conclusion which we can draw from the above reasons is that our entire daily life activities have effect on sexual performance. Therefore, if you want a sex life that gives both of you satisfaction and not trouble you have to make some sacrifice.

Sacrifices include your addictions, poor eating habits, inconsistent sleeping patterns etc. A natural solution for ED will have a much longer impact than pills which are one night solutions.