Talking about physical disorders there are too many. Every day we get scars and scratch marks somewhere or the other. When we were children, it used to be a common affair for us. There was less awareness about mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. But nowadays people are discussing more openly and psychiatrists to are seen with respect in society. But sexual problems too need our attention. Often these problems go untreated and become the reason for a much bigger problem.

In life, every man someday has surely taken Fildena 100, Cenforce 100, Vidalista 20. This clearly shows that the sexual life of men is not as well as it is thought to be. Here are some of the most common sexual disorders that keep troubling men all their life.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED

The first sexual problem is the one that has its terror in the minds of a college student who has entered his adulthood just now. At that age, the hormones are in full rage and it is the perfect time to enter into sexual relationships and explore them. But at that age if you become an ED patient it fills the boy with embarrassment and also a sense of incompleteness instils his mind. Where he starts thinking that if he is somewhat less masculine. But it is not, it is also a disorder like any other and can be treated if given proper care and medication.

It is the condition where the male penis is unable to gain an erection even when the body is sexually stimulated. The problem has more to do with the blood supply in the penis. Poor blood supply is the reason for the penis to become erect. There are various reasons why one’s penis refrains erection. Such as the use of recreational drugs, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, high obesity levels, too much stress or lack of sexual interest. All the listed reasons have the ability to stop blood from reaching the blood vessels of the penis. In the USA, currently out of every 5 men 2 of them are ED patients. ED has caused divorces, extramarital affairs, clashes in families and even suicide. You also have to look from the perspective of the woman in the relationship. Apart from materialistic needs such as cars, houses and dresses her sexual desires and wants also needs to be taken care of.

But men are too busy in their work-life that they pay no heed to such topics. And when their mood for sex comes, they fail miserably. Thus, arising the feeling of frustration and anger in her and embarrassment for the man. For her sexual wants, she looks for other options which becomes the genesis for extramarital affairs.

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Premature Ejaculation

From the name, one can guess that it is related to the ejaculation of semen. Yes, if you guessed that, then you are definitely correct. It is a situation where the ejaculation occurs too quickly even before the person wants. This mostly happens due to the mismanagement of signals between the central nervous system and the penis. This too drives the couple towards embarrassment and frustration. This is because we do sex for the pleasure it provides and the pleasure comes after reaching orgasm.

But with Premature Ejaculation in less than a few minutes semen is ejected and the penis loses its erection because it is a natural process. At the moment you would feel that it is not under your control. But it is not, it’s just that your control over your mind has decreased. But there is a solution to premature ejaculation by using last long pills or condoms. You can use any of them. Newly modified condoms are designed specially to elongate the climax. But this is a temporary solution because again for another intercourse session you need to use a new condom. It is not that there is no permanent and long-term solution to it, there are. But it requires patience and personal sacrifices.

It includes strengthening the mental strength by regular yoga and meditation for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is the best and most effective solution but you need to give time to see any major change.

Decreased libido

It is often seen that in the current generation less want for sexual interest is prevalent. The main reason is mental disbalance. Younger people are the ones most vulnerable to any new things which they see. There has been a rapid growth of depression among young college students. In depression, the person blames himself as the only cause of the misfortune. He remains isolated from his family, friends and all such social circles. Decreased libido (sex drive) is more of a psychological ailment. Inadequate sleep and being tensed is also one of the factors for reduced libido.