When it comes to hairstyle trends for women, everyone’s eyes are on wigs and the nappy girl style. And when it comes to the natural wigs, lace wigs and frontal laces attract more fans. The front lace wig is a full wig.

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Its particularity is that on the front part, the 100% Remy Hair virgin hair is fixed hair by hair, on a lace base called lace. Except for this frontal part, the rest of the wig is made of weaving bands. The front lace wig differs from the full lace wig which is composed only of lace that completely covers the head and on which the 100% Remy Hair virgin hair

The different types of lace wig poses

Installation without glue

If you want to do a glue-free pose of your lace wig, be aware that there are lace wigs that have pins that you can attach to your hair to hold your wig in place and keep it from falling or moving.

The security of your lace wig is even more secure thanks to the adjustment elastics attached to the back of the lace wig which allow the lace wig to be tightly tightened on your head.

For installation without glue, make sure to cut the tulle overflowing your lace wig, so that the tulle is as undetectable as possible. The excess tulle cut is made from the front to the back of the lace wig.


If you do not cut the excess tulle length too short, you can leave a lace of 0.3 cm on the front part. The advantage of laying without glue is that it is simple and easy to remove, and it does not require the use of solvent.


After making your plaits, just check that the lace wig part is well positioned before adjusting your wig and use the two hair left to camouflage the overflowing lace on the

Front part.


We use an elastic band which is sewn directly onto the wig in order to have maximum support. This pose is used for people who have allergic reactions or who are sensitive to hair adhesives. You can put on and take off your wig at your convenience.



Gel installation

These gels generally last 24 / 48h and are obviously dermatologically treated. They are used for people who want to wear their wig during the day and want to be able to take it off at the end of the day.


This allows you to continue your care, treatment ..; and have access to his scalp. It is removed with a simple spray of water.



Glue laying

This type of pose allows you to have your wig fixed for a maximum of 15 days but it depends on your skin type, your PH, as well as the activities practiced on a daily basis which can cause the glue to not hold as long. : It is case by case!

They are treated dermatologically. Some women use this method to be quiet for a while and not to have to fix it every day. The glue can be removed with a special spray or by using a greasy product such as castor oil. Installation with glue is the most durable because you can keep your wig fixed for a few weeks.

It ensures the maximum stability and security of the wig on your head and you are sure that those around you will have a hard time knowing that you are wearing a wig because, with the glue, the lace is completely undetectable.

It’s not about filling your entire hair with glue and just putting the wig on it. You just need to apply a little glue around your scalp and follow the steps of the installation.

Installation with adhesive strips

These are adhesive tapes that are often used by people with total hair loss. They have an outfit of 15 days. They are removed with the help of a fatty product such as castor oil. These adhesive tapes are not recommended for people with hair on the front because there is indeed a risk of tearing out “small hairs”.

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